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Wiz Khalifa faces additional drug possession charges

After one arrest for drug possession, a person can certainly make matters worse by being charged with similar missteps shortly afterwards. Repeat violations may increase penalties and could turn one small error in judgment into some serious consequences. Recently, well-known rapper Wiz Khalifa was performing in North Carolina when he was cited for possession of marijuana for the second time in only one month.

According to sources, the performer and members of his band were allegedly using marijuana while inside their tour bus outside the Joel Coliseum Annex. Police apparently smelled burning marijuana near the bus and approached it as the source of the smell. The search warrant states that they seized marijuana and paraphernalia on the tour bus and cited the rapper for possession of marijuana.

Khalifa had just been charged two weeks ago with separate misdemeanor marijuana possession charges in Nashville. The repeat offense may not be surprising to some, given his vocal support of marijuana rights. The performer has long expressed his affinity for marijuana.

It is unknown if the officers who searched his tour bus were aware of his political views on the drug or his previous drug possession charge. However, if they were aware of this, it may have affected their decision-making leading up to the search of the bus. Could this knowledge have led to officers to be unfairly suspicious or biased?

As it stands, he is now facing multiple marijuana possession charges. In many situations, it may be possible to challenge the legitimacy of searches or have charges dismissed or reduced. Ignoring the problem or hoping it will go away on its own, however, could be a serious mistake.

Source: CBS News, "Wiz Khalifa busted in N.C. for marijuana possession," May 3, 2012

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