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Man charged with police chase, biting Wilmington police dog

When someone is facing a rare criminal charge, they are more likely to get media attention. This attention hurts a person's reputation even before they are allowed to have a fair trial, which is every person's right. According to reports a man was arrested last weekend in Wilmington and charged with multiple crimes after leading police on a chase and then allegedly biting a police dog. While there will likely be an investigation, police reports released to the public already show the police department's side of the story.

Many times media outlets use police reports to tell the public about an alleged crime, and don't often let the person accused of the crimes tell their side of the story. In the case of a person biting a dog, more media attention was given to the man's case because of the rare charge involved. Although the public generally doesn't have a direct say in how a person is sentenced in every crime, highly publicized cases make it more difficult for an unbiased jury trial.

Speaking with a criminal defense attorney might be a wise decision for someone facing a crime, especially when there is a lot of media attention surrounding the matter. They can help a person understand their rights throughout the legal process and make sure that police gather evidence legally.

Many times with violent crimes, it is important to form a rigorous criminal defense. If someone is convicted of a violent crime, they might face consequences at work, with child custody, and with housing. When facing the possibility of these consequences it is important that no detail is overlooked.

Source: CBS News, "Man bites dog in Wilmington, NC, cops say," Barry Leibowitz, June 21, 2012

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