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Woman faces theft charges following fight at North Carolina club

Police responded to an alleged incident at a bar last week. When they arrived the details at first seemed hazy. A witness reportedly told police that during a fight between two women, a large amount of cash fell onto the floor of a North Carolina club. One of the women took the money, which she was accused of stealing, and left the property. Police say they later found the woman through a cab company, and asked her about the incident.

She was then arrested and charged with possessing stolen property after police say they found the other woman's purse in the hotel room, but no cash. This situation may have been just a misunderstanding that turned into an arrest. However, the charges against the woman should be taken seriously, as a conviction could make it difficult to find future employment and have other consequences.

Those who are accused of crimes in North Carolina might be wise to speak with a criminal defense attorney. Having a theft on your record can cause many consequences beyond just finding a job. Forming a rigorous criminal defense is important in working to maintain a person's innocence.

An experienced attorney can help a person review the evidence against them and sort through the complex legal processes. They can work to make sure all evidence in a case was gathered legally, and that the person's rights were protected throughout the legal process. Any violation in a person's rights could lead to evidence being thrown out, or charges being dropped or reduced, depending on the situation.

Source: The Sun News, "N.C. woman charged with theft following fight inside Myrtle Beach gentleman's club," Tonya Root, June 22, 2012

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