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Alleged thefts led to arrest of three North Carolina men

Property theft can be considered a very serious crime and often comes with serious penalties if charges result in a conviction. Three men were arrested late last month after allegedly breaking into North Carolina homes and stealing a car. They were charged with various crimes related to theft. Police say the men broke into two homes, and were found inside a stolen van shortly after the second home was broken into.

The men will likely face harsh punishments if they are convicted of these multiple charges. When someone is facing multiple charges it is important that they formulate a rigorous criminal defense. Not only can convictions result in jail time and fines, but they may also make it more difficult to obtain employment or housing in the future. With high unemployment, a criminal conviction will only add to the difficulty of finding a job.

People who are facing severe criminal charges might be wise to understand their rights. Many times police are investigating multiple charges, and it is important that those who are accused understand each of the charges against them and what those charges mean. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help people understand and protect their rights.

A violation of an accused person's rights can harm their case. It could lead to a wrongful conviction. If evidence is improperly handled or acquired illegally during an investigation it might be thrown out of consideration. Considering evidence that wasn't acquired according to proper procedures might result in punishment for someone who has done nothing wrong.

Source: The Sun News, "Three N.C. men charged in theft ring, stolen car from North Myrtle Beach found," Amanda Kelley, June 29, 2012

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