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Mother facing drug, alcohol charges after daughter's party

For many people, summer is a time for relaxing and getting together with friends. For young people and students, sometimes summer means house parties, late nights and drinking or using marijuana. It's certainly not a new trend, but parents should be reminded that if they are aware of any drinking or drug use at a party in their home, they can face serious consequences.

One North Carolina mother learned this lesson the hard way. After her daughter threw an enormous house party, the mother was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana, giving alcohol to minors and other violations.

The mother is said to be embarrassed by the event and feels as though she is not at fault for what happened. According to reports, the woman was at home when her 19-year-old daughter had a huge party. There were allegedly 400 people at her house and the mother says many of them brought their own drugs and alcohol.

Regardless of who provided the drugs or alcohol, police say the woman is just as responsible as the teens for underage drinking and drug use. They claim she was aware of the illegal activity on her property and did not act to stop it. Had she called the police to report the teens using drugs or alcohol, she could have escaped charges.

However, many parents feel that if their children and their friends are going to drink illegally, they would rather have them in the safety of their home to do so. This makes them just as guilty if the teen gets caught, however.

Even though some reports suggest the mother provided the illegal substances at the party, the mother maintains the kids brought their own. So, not only was the mother in this case charged, but 13 teens were charged with underage drinking and at least three other people are facing very serious drug charges.

Source:, "Police: Winston-Salem Mom Provided Drugs, Alcohol At Party For Minors," Patrick Wright, July 2, 2012

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