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North Carolina law enforcement step up drunk driving patrols over Fourth of July

The Fourth of July not only serves as a time for families and friends to celebrate our nation's independence, but it is also a time to get together with friends for rest and relaxation. Because many people celebrate the national holiday with drinks and food, North Carolina law enforcement agencies will be stepping up drunk driving patrols through the week and this weekend. Many times around national holidays, law enforcement work around the clock to pull over and arrest people for drunk driving.

Sometimes during drunk driving prevention campaigns, law enforcement officers pull people over for even the smallest driving infraction, which can lead to a drunk driving charge even if the person hasn't been drinking. When this happens it might be wise for people to speak with a criminal defense attorney.

An attorney can help a person defend their record, and prevent the stigma of having a drunk driving conviction. If a police officer violates a person's rights during an arrest for drunk driving in North Carolina, the charges might be dropped because of the possible for a wrongful conviction. Sometimes police don't inform a person of their rights, or perform tests that don't accurately reflect a person's ability to drive a car.

When a person is arrested, they might have to undergo roadside sobriety tests that can be embarrassing and sometimes cause an officer to suspect the person of being intoxicated when they really are not. A criminal defense attorney can help form a rigorous defense and help navigate the legal process after an arrest.

Source: Cape Fear Business News, "Booze It & Lose It: Operation Firecracker" Campaign Kicks Off Today," June 30, 2012

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