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Teenager had 97 unpaid traffic tickets

As adults, many of us see that teenagers and kids handle stressful or unfavorable events very differently than we do. Many times, young people hope that issues will just away on their own, or they don't understand the long-term effects that just ignoring a problem may have. However, when these issues that are ignored involve illegalities, the consequences can be extremely serious in North Carolina.

Many kids and teens are embarrassed or scared of what a parent's reaction may be if they get in trouble. Whether they were caught for shoplifting, fighting or a traffic violation, teens may try to avoid the issue and possible punishment by ignoring it. One South Carolina teen let this go on far too long, though, and is now facing serious consequences for ignoring several traffic tickets.

In fact, the 18-year-old man had 97 unpaid traffic tickets when he was last pulled over by police. According to reports, the man was speeding down the road with two of his friends in the car. Police pulled him over for excessive speed and they then discovered that not only did the young man have 97 unpaid tickets, but he was driving on a suspended license as well.

He was arrested and brought to jail. If he had handled his prior driving offenses and had gone through the proper channels to have his driving privileges reinstated, he could have ultimately avoided this most recent arrest. However, by ignoring the problems and perhaps believing that they would just go away on their own, the young man allowed all the offenses catch up to him at once.

Instead of dealing with several tickets and fines at once, parents can help their teens significantly by tackling a traffic offense or other juvenile charge right away. Even though a parent may be angry or disappointed by their teen's decisions, it may not be appropriate to have a minor charge affect them for the rest of their lives. Taking a compassionate and realistic approach to juvenile mistakes can certainly be more beneficial for a teen in the long run.

Source:, "SC Teen Stopped For Speeding, Already Had 97 Unpaid Traffic Tickets," July 26, 2012

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