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2 face charges for alleged car theft in Wilmington

Police in Wilmington are accusing two people of stealing a car and trying to change the license plates. According to a report, police have charged the two with multiple crimes after they allegedly saw the man and woman working to change the license plates in Wilmington on a car with Quebec plates. Authorities say the plates and the vehicle were both recently stolen.

While license plates might not have much monetary value, being accused of stealing them is still a very serious matter. It is unclear what penalty the two might face, but it could be severe. A conviction of a property theft crime could lead to difficulties finding employment on top of a possible jail sentence and fine. That is why it might be wise to seek a rigorous criminal defense for someone charged with similar crimes.

A criminal defense attorney can help those accused of property crimes understand their rights and work to defend them. When people in Wilmington are arrested and charged with a crime, they sometimes don't understand the court process or what they should or should not say. Police can often use what a person tells them in court.

If a person does make a mistake, it is important they receive fair treatment and don't continue to pay a penalty long after their sentence is served. Police reports are often the only record reporters can get their hands on to write a news story, so many news stories might suggest guilt before a person has had a trial. An experienced attorney knows that news reports don't show both sides of the situation, and can help defend a person's reputation.

Source: WECT, "2 charged for stealing a vehicle and trying to change the plates," Debra Worley, Aug. 8, 2012

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