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Drug charges dropped against Rockingham Co. commissioner hopeful

Drug possession convictions here in North Carolina have very serious consequences--both in the short- and long term. Immediate penalties might include fines and even jail time, but long after these dues are paid, the offender may also struggle with compromised financial aid and educational opportunities, limited employment offers and even reduced child custody rights.

This is why it is very important that Wilmington residents stand up for their rights when it comes to drug charges and ensure that a strong criminal defense goes over all of the evidence in working toward a reasonable outcome. Just this week in Rockingham County, drug paraphernalia possession charges against a man who was running for county commissioner were dropped.

The Reidsville, North Carolina, man was charged in April after police reportedly found him inside of his car, outside of a restaurant, with a crack pipe in the vehicle.

The man, however, maintained that he was not slumped over the wheel as police said, but that rather he was resting in the reclined front seat as he waited for the breakfast restaurant to open.

Charges were ultimately dropped after the police officer on the case lost the crack pipe in question. Furthermore, the officer did not follow proper procedures when checking out the evidence. This officer ended up resigning while the investigation into the missing crack pipe was ongoing.

Even without a conviction, a person's reputation can be damaged simply by the publicity of drug accusations. Drug charges are very serious, and they should not be taken lightly by those who are charged or by those who do the charging.

Source:, "Charges Dropped Against Clark Charles Faint in Drug Possession Case," Aug. 22, 2012

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