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Man arrested for North Carolina, neighboring state thefts

A man was arrested last week after allegedly stealing trailers from North Carolina and a neighboring state. The man wasn't arrested in North Carolina, but investigators say he is linked to crimes here. The man also isn't from either of the states where the alleged crimes occurred. When a person is accused of committing crimes across various jurisdictions, it might take multiple departments to conduct an investigation and share complex evidence.

These complexities can sometimes cause evidence to be shared illegally or investigators to step over their constitutional boundaries. If that happens, some or all of the charges might be dropped because of a violation of the rights of the accused, depending on the person's unique situation.

These charges can have a devastating effect on a person's reputation. When someone's name ends up in the media because of a crime accusation, they may face questions from their employer, family and friends. Accusations such as theft can cause a person's employer to possibly question the trust they have in that person. By fighting criminal charges, a person can work to clear their name of wrongdoing and protect their reputation.

An experienced criminal defense attorney can help people in North Carolina understand their rights. Sometimes police will not inform people of their rights, or violate their rights. An attorney can make sure those rights are preserved. If someone's rights are violated, an attorney can take the appropriate steps to make sure a person isn't wrongfully convicted because of these violations.

Source: WSPA-TV, "Sheriff's Investigator Arrest Man For Alleged Thefts, Say More Victims Are Likely," Rob Landreth, Aug. 24, 2012

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