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North Carolina police focused on ticketing drivers this weekend

For many people, this Labor Weekend will be the last chance to get out and relax before school gets into full swing and summer officially comes to a close. While most of us try to enjoy our holiday, police officers across North Carolina will be hard at work increasing their efforts to ticket drivers for various traffic violations.

Holiday weekends are popular times for people to travel. It may also be more common for people to drink alcohol on holidays, so police generally increase enforcement efforts and focus on ticketing drivers during these times. Those who head out on the road this weekend may want to pay more attention to their driving this weekend, then, in order to avoid a potentially costly traffic citation.

Last year in North Carolina, over 450 people were injured in a car accident over the Labor Day weekend. In response to this, police are cracking down on drivers who are speeding or driving recklessly on major highways. Police also say they will be focused on ticketing drivers for aggressive driving and drunk driving specifically.

Those who are ticketed this weekend may not think it's a big deal to get a speeding or reckless driving ticket. They may also think there is nothing that can be done about a citation, so they simply pay the fine and hope that's the end of it. However, they might find out later that their license is in jeopardy or their insurance premiums have increased significantly. By that point, it can be too late to deal with a traffic charge.

Dealing with traffic tickets right away can be very important. With the help of an attorney, drivers in North Carolina can defend against charges and have them dismissed or reduced. In cases when there is a costly fine associated with a ticket, it can be possible to reduce the fines and protect a person's driving record.

Source: NCNN, "State Troopers preparing to crack down on motorists during Labor Day holiday," David Horn, Aug. 29, 2012

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