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Police say alleged burglary ring broken in North Carolina

Five people were arrested across the state last month. The men and woman allegedly ran a burglary ring that investigators say involved over $20,000 in stolen property. According to a report, police from eight counties in North Carolina arrested the people for theft over the month of July. These allegations are extremely serious. Is a person is charged with burglary, they might have a difficult time finding employment and housing in the future.

Speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney in might be a wise decision for someone who finds themselves in a similar situation. Authorities say that they uncovered more suspects in these alleged crimes after arresting each of them. A lengthy investigation might lead to police and authorities overstepping their boundaries and violating policies and procedures meant to protect the rights of the accused.

An attorney can help make sure a person's rights haven't been violated and aren't violated through the legal process. If someone's rights were violated an attorney can help file legal motions to make sure they receive proper legal treatment. Because some of the alleged crimes in this case involved firearms, the charges might be more severe.

It is unclear whether more charges will be filed against the accused people, but police have asked in the media for others who may have been burglarized to come forward. It is important that a person understand what evidence is presented against them at trial. All evidence must be gathered legally by authorities or it might not be admissible in court.

Source: Charlotte Observer, "Iredell breaks up alleged huge burglary ring," Steve Lyttle, July 31, 2012

An experienced North Carolina criminal defense attorney can help those accused of a crime understand their rights.

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