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Update: Teen 'kingpin' enters plea in marijuana trafficking case

Last month, we explored the situation that a young 17-year-old student faced when he was charged with heading up a marijuana drug ring. In this previous post, we discussed the details and events that led up to the young man's arrest. Recently, he appeared in juvenile court on two charges of drug trafficking.

The young man stood before a judge and admitted to the charges against him. Before he admitted his guilt, however, the judge was careful to remind him that he was not guilty in the eyes of the law. He was innocent until the state could prove him guilty, the judge reiterated. If he admitted to the marijuana trafficking allegations, the judge warned, he could spend the next few years in jail.

Still the young teen admitted to the two felony charges. In juvenile court, that is the equivalent of pleading guilty. It is not known why he chose to affirm his role in the elaborate operation, because he has now given up the rights that come with a trial. For whatever reason, though, the young man admitted that he was guilty of the charges and will be sentenced in the near future.

As many people remember, the student was part of a yearlong investigation into an organized group that was involved in manufacturing and selling marijuana. Police were surprised to find out that the so-call "czar" running the operation, which reportedly netted $20,000 every month, was supposedly this mild-mannered teenager. Reports indicate that he was an otherwise good kid who appeared to be more of an honor student that marijuana kingpin.

His recent appearance in court was consistent with this picture sources painted of him. He reportedly was respectful, soft-spoken and very aware of the seriousness of his situation. Whether this behavior will play a role in his sentencing is yet unknown. Until he receives his sentence, which could put him in jail for many years, the young man will be on house arrest.

Source: Huffington Post, "Teen Drug 'Czar' Admits Guilt In Ohio," Amanda Lee Myers, July 31, 2012

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