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Wilmington store raided for synthetic drugs

A store in Wilmington allegedly had more than 1,400 packages of the drug known as "Spice" (also referred to as synthetic marijuana) removed. Apparently this was part of an ongoing investigation involving both state and federal law enforcement officers.

It is claimed that the street value of such synthetic marijuana would be in the area of $30,000. No drug trafficking arrests have yet been made concerning this matter, but charges may be pending against the store owners.

Synthetic drugs have been widely discussed in recent months. Though such substances have recently been banned in a number of localities throughout North Carolina, the ethics of such bans has been widely debated.

At heart of the debate is specifically defining what a synthetic drug happens to be. A large number of individuals are unaware that such substances have been banned, and those that purchase such products are often unaware of the criminal consequences that can come along with being in possession synthetic substances.

Criminal defense attorneys understand the dilemma individuals face when one is being charged for acts that were not considered illegal just a short time ago. Even if such individuals are found guilty of such an offense, these attorneys will negotiate with prosecutors for an appropriate sentence under the circumstances.

Whether such substances should or should not be banned is a separate question that needs to be addressed. Individuals will have differing opinions concerning what should and should not be permitted. However, whatever laws are eventually passed, the requirement needs to be made that such laws be specific and clear before criminal penalties can be assessed.

Source: WECT 6, "1,400 synthetic drugs seized from Wilmington store," by Craig Reck, July 25, 2012

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