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North Carolina football player arrested for assault

Many times, a criminal charge can cause damage to a person's reputation, their educational potential, and the future career prospects. A football player from the University of North Carolina was arrested Sunday for allegedly assaulting another person. According to reports, the man punched another person in the face in front of police, and was then chased and arrested. He is facing felony assault charges among other misdemeanors.

As a result of the arrest, the man has been suspended from the football team for an unknown period of time. It is unclear whether he will face punishment from the university outside of the football program, but many universities are now adhering to strict conduct policies. An assault allegation of a young adult could drastically hurt their reputation and career.

An experienced criminal defense attorney might be able to help someone who is accused of assault in North Carolina. Sometimes police illegally gather evidence, or don't understand exactly what happened in a situation. An attorney can help evaluate the evidence and launch an independent investigation into the alleged incident and arrest.

It is important that people who are arrested for assault understand their rights. Everyone has the right to an attorney after they are arrested for a crime. It might be a wise decision to seek legal help in order to prevent disclosing information to police that might result in a conviction.

Source: News Observer, "UNC football walk-on suspended from team after arrest," Andrew Carter, Sept. 24, 2012

-Assault charges are extremely serious and should be rigorously defended. Please check out our assault charges page to learn more.

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