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Three cleared of misdemeanor charges in North Carolina Occupy protest

Three people were arrested earlier this year in Occupy movement protests. Now, a judge in North Carolina has cleared the three protesters of the misdemeanor charge of resisting, obstructing or delaying an officer. Sometime during protests, there are disputed laws on both sides of the issue. Police sometimes don't fully understand the laws that they might be trying to enforce, which could lead to wrongful arrests and charges.

Misdemeanor charges can have a lasting impression on a person's record. Many people believe that misdemeanors can only result in small punishments or fines. Some misdemeanors could lead to jail time, which may have a long-term impact on a person's employment status and reputation. That is why it might be wise for those who are accused of misdemeanor crimes to take the charges against them seriously.

Speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney can help a person understand their rights and help form a rigorous defense against misdemeanor charges. Not only can the attorney help the person understand their rights, but they can make sure the person's rights weren't violated throughout the investigation and arrest.

If a person's rights were violated, some or all of the charges might be dropped. By evaluating evidence, an attorney can help guide the person through the legal process to try to clear their name of wrongdoing. If the person is convicted, an attorney can help them appeal if there is new evidence or other facts that might have been excluded.

Source: WPDE, "3 Occupy Charlotte protesters found not guilty," Aug. 18, 2012

-Misdemeanor charges should be taken seriously. Please visit our website to learn more about North Carolina misdemeanor charges.

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