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North Carolina has strict sex offender registration requirements

Convicted sex offenders in North Carolina are required to register on the state's public sex offender registry website. In addition to registering online, convicted offenders in McDowell County, North Carolina have been listed in a local newspaper too. Is this a violation of their rights?

No, since the McDowell News has been printing articles about registered sex offenders living in McDowell County with information collected from the state's public sex offender registration website.

North Carolina's sex offender registry keeps track of sex offenders living in the state. Residents have been able to look up registered sex offenders in North Carolina since 1998 listed on the state government website that tracks the location of convicted sex offenders.

The website was created in 1998 after a state law was passed by legislatures the year before. Individuals can log on to the free website to search the names of registered sex offenders in North Carolina. The website also provides the registered sex offenders' home address, current photo, date of birth, type of offense, date and location of conviction and sentenced received after conviction.

Under North Carolina law, sex offenders are required to be on the state sex offender registry if they have been convicted of rape, attempted rape, kidnapping, incest, indecent exposure around minors, exploiting a minor, and abducting a child. Individuals in North Carolina who were convicted of a similar offense in another state are required to register.

Individuals are required to register for a minimum of 10 years following conviction or when they were released from prison. Certain convicted sex offenders will be required to register for a longer period depending on the convicted crime. Registered sex offenders who are convicted of another offense may also be required to register for a longer amount of time depending on the offense.

Source: The McDowell News, "Seven more sex offenders added to state registry," Richelle Bailey, Oct. 18, 2012

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