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North Carolina man arrested for alleged assault of colleague

Sometimes when a person is in a position of power, they are subject to public scrutiny. This scrutiny can become enflamed when they are faced with an arrest, damaging their reputation and possibly harming their employment. Preserving a person's reputation and employability are just some reasons why it might be important to form a rigorous criminal defense if someone is accused of a crime.

The arrest stemmed from an alleged incident on Sept. 24. The warrant for the man's arrest says he shoved a colleague against a cabinet. The case has garnered much media attention because the man arrested is the dean at a North Carolina college. This makes the case more high profile, and might have employment consequences on top of any criminal consequences.

People who are arrested for violent crimes would be wise to understand their rights. Many times, police might arrest a person, and continue to question them before they are actually charged with a crime. This is in an effort to get information from them that might be used against them in court. Having an attorney present during any questioning is every person's right and might be helpful in preventing saying something that might be preserved as incriminating.

Forming a rigorous criminal defense and clearing a person's name of wrongdoing will help restore their reputation. This is especially important when a person's job is heavily dependent on their reputation and trust with the community.

Source: Associated Press, "Dean at North Carolina Central University arrested," Oct. 3, 2012

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