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North Carolina man charged with drug trafficking at checkpoint

The police and media like to splash drug busts across the news when months or years of investigations have led to a major drug seizure and arrests. However, for most typical people in North Carolina, a drug trafficking charge is less newsworthy and may not be advertised all over the front page. But for the people facing the charges, the event is likely the most serious situation they have ever dealt with.

People are used to hearing stories of drug cartels and major drug investigations by law enforcement. However, this doesn't mean that an average person won't face the same penalties as other people involved in more widespread trafficking of drugs. In fact, police often use larger drug busts to serve as an example of what can happen when a person is charged with a drug crime.

But the reality is that traditional drug trafficking charges can come out of something as simple as a routine traffic stop or a traffic checkpoint. Recently, a North Carolina man realized he was approaching one of these checkpoints and tried to turn off the road. Police believed he was trying to avoid the stop, so they pulled the driver over. They discovered that he had an invalid license and outstanding warrants for miscellaneous traffic and drug offenses. Police continued searching around the man's vehicle and found a bag that contained cocaine, crack cocaine and marijuana.

As is common in these situations, the man was charged with a number of violations including three counts of crack cocaine trafficking, possession charges, possession and manufacturing cocaine, driving with a revoked license and many others. Police will often stack charges like this in an attempt to guarantee that a person will plead guilty to at least one of them.

It doesn't matter if a person is an individual charged with possession of marijuana or part of a larger group believed to be trafficking drugs. Any drug-related charges should be taken very seriously. A conviction can have an enormous impact on a person's future, career, family and reputation.

Source: WITN, "Trenton Man Charged For Drug Trafficking," Heather King, Sept. 28, 2012

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