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North Carolina woman sets fire to vending machine

Vending machines can be frustrating-we've all stood and watched as the vending machine toyed with our emotions as we waited for a tasty treat or beverage to fall and lay at the bottom of the machine.

When this fails to happen, a range of frustrations may occur but not many people go to the lengths one North Carolina woman did after a vending machine didn't give her a soda.

A surveillance video camera outside a North Carolina Piggly Wiggly captured a property crime against a vending machine. The video showed a woman getting infuriated at a vending machine after not receiving the soda she paid for, and the vending machine would not return her money.

The woman kicked the machine and set a newspaper on fire, pushing the lit newspaper into the vending machine. The vending machine and Piggly Wiggly building were damaged from the fire.

Property crimes are not as common as other crimes in North Carolina but it is important for individuals arrested and charged with any criminal offense to speak with a criminal defense attorney to understand their rights. Criminal charges of any kind should be taken seriously because arrests and convictions can have a large impact on the rest of an individual's life.

Source: KY Post, "N.C. woman sets vending machine on fire after it doesn't give her soda," Oct. 11, 2012

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