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One in seven North Carolina drivers don't have license

Drivers face risks on the road every day but many drivers probably don't think about whether or not other drivers have a license. In North Carolina, one in seven drivers does not have a license, according to a study done by the AAA.

The study showed that North Carolina has many illegal drivers on the road. The AAA stated that the large number of drivers in North Carolina without licenses pose a real danger to other motorists and may contribute to an increase in car insurance costs.

Several reports indicate that individuals continue to drive despite not having a valid driver's license. Certain traffic violations result in drivers having their license suspended or revoked, but their vehicles usually stay in their possession.

Safety advocates say that laws need to change since many drivers continue to drive despite their licenses being suspended or revoked. Advocates are using the study to ask state lawmakers to try and get unlicensed drivers off North Carolina roads. The AAA is also looking for additional sponsors to help support tougher laws regarding unlicensed drivers in North Carolina.

The report of unlicensed drivers in North Carolina may lead to more traffic stops throughout the state. Driving with a revoked or suspended license can result in fines and continued driving restrictions. Traffic violations may seem minor but it does affect driving privileges and car insurance rates.

Many drivers with traffic tickets just pay their fine or accept the driving restrictions but all drivers have rights. Traffic tickets and violations can be disputed. An attorney can help drivers understand the impact of their traffic violation and help reduce the cost and stress traffic violations may cause.

Source: WSCO, "AAA: One in seven NC drivers does not have a license," Tenikka Smith, Oct. 8, 2012

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