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North Carolina bill would increase penalties for child abuse

North Carolina is considering a bill that would increase the penalties for child abuse. Legislators sponsoring the proposed bill said current laws in North Carolina don't always fit the crime and they want to see those convicted of child abuse serve more time in prison.

The proposed bill, Kilah's Law, would increase the penalties for first-time offenders convicted of child abuse to 10 years. It would also increase the penalties for second-time offenders to 20 years. Current laws in North Carolina have first-time offenders serve roughly three years in prison so the proposed law significantly increases the penalties for child abuse.

The proposed bill would also make a note in an offender's criminal record if they were convicted of child abuse. Lawmakers said this would make it easier for prosecutors to distinguish which offenders were first-time and second-time offenders when charged with child abuse. Prosecutors also say that the note in a person's criminal record would help notify the public of a person's conviction of child abuse.

For individuals convicted of child abuse, this law would significantly increase the penalties and mandatory prison sentence for offenders. In addition, the note in their criminal record may have an impact on their life after they have served their sentence.

There are several reasons why individuals arrested and charged with child abuse and other violent crimes should contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Child abuse and other criminal convictions can impact a person's life even after they are out of prison so it is important to have someone that will represent your case in the best way possible to protect your rights and reputation.

Source: WRAL, "Kilah's Law would increase penalties for child abuse," Mark Binker, Feb. 14, 2013

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