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North Carolina may increase penalties for meth manufacturers

Earlier this month we discussed meth lab investigations increasing in North Carolina. Now, North Carolina legislators are trying to increase the penalties for people who possess or make methamphetamine.

The proposed measure would create additional penalties for individuals caught making methamphetamine in North Carolina or individuals who possess a key ingredient that makes the illegal substance.

The House judiciary panel supports the measure that was originally recommended by a study group. The group looked at ways methamphetamine use could be prevented. It also looked at how to reduce the use of dangerous chemicals used to make methamphetamine that can cause an explosion.

The measure would impact individuals arrested for possessing a certain amount of cold medicine commonly used to make methamphetamine. The measure would make it a felony to possess products with pseudoephedrine, usually found in cold medicines, for individuals who have previously been convicted of making methamphetamine.

Law enforcement currently track drug stores sales, including cold medicine sales to monitor who is purchasing large or frequent quantities of products containing the ingredient used to make methamphetamine.

The measure also increases the prison sentence by four years for individuals convicted of making methamphetamine in a residence where a child or disabled adult also lives.

If this measure is approved and signed into law, individuals convicted of possessing or manufacturing methamphetamine will face harsher penalties. North Carolina law enforcement has already started to investigate more methamphetamine crimes, including possessing and manufacturing and distributing the illegal substance.

Individuals who are charged with a methamphetamine crime should consult a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to protect their rights. If evidence was obtained illegally by police, the charges could be dropped. It is important to have a defense attorney on your side when facing such serious charges that could significantly impact the rest of your life.

Source: WCNC, "NC House panel OKs more meth penalties," Feb. 6, 2013

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