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Sex traffickers in NC to register as sex offenders

North Carolina is changing who is required to register as a sex offender. Starting on Dec. 1, individuals convicted of forcing minors into prostitution will have to register as sex offender. The new law was passed to address sex trafficking offenses in the state. 

The new law will require pimps and other individuals convicted of selling minors into prostitution to comply with North Carolina sex offender registration requirements. North Carolina has had a sex offender registry since 1996 that includes an online database of all registered sex offenders and is available for the public to search.

Lawmakers hope that the bill will reduce the number of sex trafficking crimes in the state. North Carolina has become one the top ten states for sex trafficking in the U.S. The Wilmington area in North Carolina has become a hotspot for trafficking due to the city's easy access to highways and because it's close to a military base, according to anti-sex trafficking organizations that track sex crimes in the U.S.

Since the new law will require pimps convicted of sex trafficking to register as sex offenders, lawmakers are hoping that it will reduce the high number of human trafficking crimes committed in the state. Advocates for public safety support the new law, saying that it will keep the public more informed about sex offenders in their community as well as force convicted pimps to have more probation requirements and supervision.

The new law will most likely mean more people will be required to register as a sex offender in North Carolina. Being convicted of a sex crime is very serious, especially when you consider how a conviction can impact the rest of an offender's life.

Source: Port City Daily, "New law: Convicted pimps must register as sex offenders," Ben Brown, April 25, 2013