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Officials bring domestic violence charges against girlfriend

Readers may not have realized that enforcement officials can bring domestic violence charges against an accused, even if the alleged victim decides not to press charges. That distinction may explain why a woman is facing domestic violence charges after a seemingly heated, yet nonviolent dispute with her boyfriend.

According to local police, the couple began their fight with a water pistol. The argument then progressed to a pillow toss and mutual shoving. Although the actual physical interaction may not have been violent, three witnesses claimed that the verbal arguing was loud enough to hear outside the residence. 

Specifically, the witnesses claimed that the girlfriend started screaming first, and that her boyfriend responded a short time later by yelling at his girlfriend to get off of him. 

When the police arrived, the boyfriend reportedly stated that he was not injured. Nevertheless, authorities were apparently influenced by the witness testimony. They arrested the girlfriend on domestic violence charges.

As a domestic violence lawyer might agree, charges of domestic violence can be very disruptive, even if they ultimately result in acquittal. For example, an accused may be required to move out of his or her home and to cease contact with the alleged victim if the court grants a protective order. Such an order generally lasts for around 10 days or until a hearing before a judge can be convened.

If domestic violence charges result in a conviction, an accused may have to serve jail time or pay penalties. The conviction might also become part of that individual’s permanent record. For these reasons, anyone facing such charges might benefit from a consultation with a criminal defense attorney at the earliest opportunity.

Source:, “Giovanna Borge, Florida Woman, Arrested For Allegedly Squirting Boyfriend With Water Gun,” Howard Koplowitz, Opt. 18, 2013

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