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Mooresboro, North Carolina, man accused of sexual assault

A 37-year-old man from Mooresboro, North Carolina, has been arrested based on a woman's sex crime allegation. The woman reported to deputies from the Spartanburg County Sheriff's office back in March that the defendant committed a sexual assault against her. When she finished showering in the house, he allegedly made her walk outside to the car naked. When she went back inside the house to look for her car keys, he allegedly pulled out some hair and pushed her against a window, which broke and cut her finger, before passing out drunk. Later, when he woke up, she claimed, he sexually assaulted her.

The defendant is currently in a county detention facility because of inability to post a $30,000 bond set by the court. His accuser said that the purpose of the car trip she had been going on with the man was for the purpose of getting drugs. She stated that the man had accused her of having sex with his friends for drugs, which made him angry.

Many times, sexual assault accusations involve differing stories told by the accuser and defendant, who often were the only ones present. People have been known to concoct false stories of sexual assault for all kinds of motives, including revenge, jealousy, rejection or personal arguments. While an accusation by one person may be enough for an arrest at times, it may not represent proof beyond a reasonable doubt of guilt, and it is often difficult to determine what really occurred..

Convictions for sexual offenses are particularly damaging and often result in lengthy sentences of incarceration, big fines, requirements to register as a sex offender, and even civil commitment as a sex offender when a prison term is over. With such potential life-altering consequences, anyone accused of such charges should know that they have rights. An experienced criminal defense attorney can explore every possible avenue of legal defense or mitigation of the charges and any possible punishment.

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