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Personal injury lawsuits not limited to car accidents

While we typically discuss criminal defense issues on our blog, we also handle personal injury cases in North Carolina. That is why this blog post will feature a recent personal injury lawsuit filed after a traumatic accident as an example of what legal action victims can take after being injured due to someone else's negligence.

A watercraft accident in North Carolina resulted in a man having his leg amputated due to the severe injuries he suffered after his personal watercraft was hit by another person's watercraft on Lake Norman. The accident happened after two men were visiting a friend's lake home and were using two personal watercrafts and collided on the lake.

Both men suffered leg injuries after the accident, with one man having his leg amputated at the hospital. After the accident, the man who had his leg amputated filed a lawsuit against the other driver of the watercraft as well as the friend he was visiting. The lawsuit claimed that the other driver's negligence contributed to the accident, and the owner of the home was negligent for allowing him to use his personal watercraft.

The jury found the other driver negligent and could be held liable for $5.75 million in damages to the victim. The jury said that the homeowner was not liable for the accident and was not responsible to pay the victim any damages.

This case is an example of the legal action victims can take against those responsible for serious accidents that result in injuries and other damages. This case also highlights the dangers of using personal watercraft. It is important for individuals to understand how to safely operate watercraft to prevent accidents and injuries from happening. One of our articles on personal injury lawsuits discusses the case above in more detail and includes safety tips for using personal watercraft in North Carolina.

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