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North Carolina drunk driving accident breaks man's hip

When North Carolina's drunk drivers are caught, arrested, and convicted, they often lose their driving privileges. This action is taken not only to punish these negligent drivers, but also to keep other motorists safe. Unfortunately, though, too often these drunk drivers choose to get back behind the wheel, sometimes while intoxicated. This can spell disaster for anyone on the road who is unlucky enough to be close to them.

One North Carolina man was recently unfortunate to be in the way of one of these drunk drivers. Police say a drunk driver's truck crossed the center line and slammed head-on into the victim's truck, leaving the victim with serious injuries. He was rushed to the hospital, but was later rushed as in good condition. However, the victim suffered a broken hip that may require numerous surgeries, lengthy rehabilitation, and may cause excessive pain and immobility. The drunk driver who caused the accident was operating under restricted driving privileges since his license was suspended last year as a result of a DWI conviction.

As evidenced by this case, the negligence of another can wreak havoc on the life of a drunk driving accident victim. In addition to struggling for a physical recovery and coping with physical pain, a victim might also incur extensive debt. Medical expenses and lost wages may strain finances, only exacerbating a victim's pain and suffering.

Filing a lawsuit against a negligent driver can help mitigate the harm. If negligence can be successfully shown to have caused the victim's injuries, then compensation may be awarded to help cover a victim's losses, including economic and noneconomic injuries. Though such recoveries may not fully make an accident victim whole again, it can help provide the best care available, giving a victim the chance of reach as full a recovery as possible.

Source: WSOC TV, "Suspected drunken driver in crash had previous DWI," Alexa Ashwell, April 20, 2014

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