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Workers' comp can help sufferers of back pain

If we were to tell you that back pain is a very serious issue in the workplace, and that it could lead to a vast number of workers compensation claims in the near future, would you believe it? Probably not, because back pain has this reputations as being something that "everyone deals with." To an extent, that is true. As we get older, we will all deal with the shortcomings of an aging body. That usually means back pain, and this chronic condition can absolutely wreak havoc on you.

The problem is that back pain is sort of shrugged off today. Yes, it can be debilitating -- but you just got to deal with it, man. At least, that's the message. Pop a couple of aspirin and get on with your workday.

But this is exactly the problem with the perception of back pain. In many cases, the back pain is so extreme, so debilitating, that the sufferer simply can't get on with his or her day. A couple of aspirin is not going to solve anything. In fact, it will only mask the pain, which means the sufferer will likely exacerbate the problem.

People who suffer from back pain need to do a few things. First, if the pain gets really bad, you need to consult a doctor. Second, and this may sound counterintuitive: do your best to stay active with back pain. Don't call in sick or avoid all activities. Do some light exercise. Staying active can help limit your back pain, if you do so correctly.

Third and finally, if the pain gets so bad that you can't work, you could be in line for some workers' compensation to help you through this painful time.

Source: Huffington Post, "The Painful Truth About Office Back Pain," Greg Voakes, April 15, 2014

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