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Companies recognized for safety practices

Optimal workplace safety practices and polices are critical to keeping workers safe, and failure to implement effective safety practices can have terrible consequences. Fortunately, fatal workplace accidents are on the decrease statewide. According to the North Carolina Department of Labor, there was a 39 percent decrease in the number of work-related fatalities last year.

The North Carolina Department of Labor recently took the initiative of recognizing companies to do workplace safety well. In order to qualify, recipients of the award had to meet strict requirements, including that they have had no fatal accidents. 

The awards fell into a couple categories. Gold awards required a DART rating at least 50 percent below the industry rate statewide. DART stands for days away from work, and job transfer or restriction. Silver awards require the same score based only on days away from work.

It is a fortunate thing that work-related fatalities are on the decrease in North Carolina, and hopefully the trend continues. Those who endure workplace injury, of course, need to know their rights for compensation and recovery when an accident occurs. It isn’t always the case that employers cooperate with employees in filing a workers’ compensation claim, and sometimes legal recourse is necessary. In some cases, civil litigation may be necessary to hold an employer accountable.

Needless to say, working with an experienced personal injury and workers’ compensation attorney is a good way to ensure that one’s interest are receiving advocacy and that the best possible outcome is achieved in one’s case. 

Source: The Dispatch, “Labor department honors companies for safety,” Sharon Myers, April 15, 2014. 

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