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Holiday traffic: Watch out for those DWI/DUI patrols

Sounds like you’re ready to party.

That’s the assessment from the national motorist organization AAA, with its researchers estimating that about 29 million people will be out on the nation’s roadways and in high holiday spirits later this week and through next Monday.

Yes, Memorial Day calls, and those who study such things say that an exceptionally high number of families across the country are bound and determined to get out and have some fun after suffering through a flatly hideous winter.

In fact, AAA states that there will be more vehicles congesting America’s streets and highways over the upcoming holiday than at any other time going back to the beginning days of the nation’s so-called Great Recession.

That means lots of things. It means long lines at gas stations. It means crowded hotels and restaurants along interstate corridors. Inevitably, too, it means frayed tempers fueled by bad drivers, and a discernible uptick in motor vehicle accidents.

And, in North Carolina and other states, it almost certainly means that motorists will be seeing a heightened law enforcement presence on roadways, with police looking to make drunk driving arrests.

State drivers need to duly note that and act accordingly. North Carolina has stringent DWI/DUI laws that officials aggressively enforce, and there will lots of eyes on motorists over the next few days. As much as strained relationships with in-laws can dampen holiday spirits, the downside of that is nothing compared to the consequences that a drunk driving conviction in the state can bring.

An experienced and aggressive DWI/DUI defense attorney can be a strong ally to any person arrested on a drunk driving charge in North Carolina.

Source: USA TODAY, "Get out of town! AAA expects uptick in holiday travel," Larry Copeland, May 16, 2014

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