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Roof collapse at steel mill injures demolition workers

While the following story may not have occurred here in Wilmington, or even in North Carolina, it still serves as an important reminder that the construction industry is a dangerous field that can leave workers with serious injuries.

An old steel mill that was shut down in 2012 has been undergoing demolition projects ever since. Buildings on the site have been torn down and workers are constantly doing their part to get rid of the decommissioned mill. However, those plans turned into chaos recently when a roof collapse at the steel mill caused at least 9 people to suffer injuries.

The roof collapse is under investigation and there are few details that help elaborate on the situation. What is known is that a couple of the injured workers had to be taken to the hospital in critical condition. Many others suffered minor injuries and were also hospitalized.

Construction and demolition are difficult jobs that carry many inherent risks. Powerful tools, heavy machinery, dangerous materials: these are just a few of the things that make these industries so scary. No matter how well trained anyone may be, mistakes are bound to happen in any field -- so when a mistake is made in these fields, the potential for harm is immense.

We won't know if negligence or recklessness was related to the steel mill roof collapse, but what we do know is that many workers may not be able to clock in for some time -- and others may have had their lives changed forever. They will have some tough questions to ask in coming weeks, and they may need to turn to a workers' compensation attorney to learn what course of action they should take.

Source: CBS Baltimore, "9 Injured In Building Collapse At Old Bethlehem Steel Plant," May 5, 2014

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