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Wrong-way drunk driving accident injures one on I-40

A recent drunk driving accident has left an individual with injuries. The wreck occurred after a woman, who was drunk behind the wheel, drove down Interstate 40 in the wrong direction for five to 10 miles in the early morning hours. Vehicles swerved to avoid head-on collisions, but one truck was unable to do so and was struck by the drunk driver. The victim was taken to the hospital for treatment, as was the drunk driver. Though the extent of the victim's injuries is unclear at this time, head-on accidents often leave victims with serious, sometimes life-altering, injuries.

As surprising and painful as an initial accident may be, the recovery process can be just as excruciating. Surgical operations and physical rehabilitation may be necessary, and some victims may be left permanently disabled. Some may be left with a lifetime of pain. Additionally, these victims often are unable to work, therefore losing the wage they depend on and need at a time when medical expenses are piling up.

There is a glimmer of hope during this dark time. Filing a lawsuit may bring a victim the compensation he or she needs to afford appropriate medical attention, recover lost wages, and comfort pain and suffering. To recover these awards, a victim must show the negligence of another caused his or her injuries. A North Carolina attorney may be able to help with this, as he or she can gather available evidence and craft the best legal case possible.

A negligent driver should be held accountable for the damage he or she causes. A personal injury lawsuit can achieve this, forcing him or her to pay. A successful claim not only helps a victim move on with life and, hopefully, regain his or her health, but it also provides a sense of closure and that justice has been served.

Source: WTVD-TV, "Wrong-way driver accident shuts down I-40 in Orange County," May 2, 2014

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