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July 2014 Archives

Failure to yield leaves 2 North Carolina motorcyclists dead

Another tragic, preventable motorcycle accident occurred recently in North Carolina, leaving two men dead. The two victims were riding their motorcycles when they were struck in an intersection by an SUV that had ran a stop sign. One of the victims was pronounced dead at the scene while the other, his brother, was taken to the hospital where he later passed away. The 20-year-old driver of the SUV has since been charged with two misdemeanor counts of death by motor vehicle.

Growth in Social Security disability benefits was anticipated

The Social Security disability insurance program serves a vital purpose as a safeguard against a physical or mental disability that renders work impossible. However, readers may have questions why the SSDI program has expanded in recent years.

OSHA urges demolition employers to follow safety standards

North Carolina residents may be interested to learn about steps that the Occupational Health and Safety Administration is taking to make demolition sites safer. In addition to a press release highlighting recent fatal demolition accidents, OSHA has created a new web page designed to educate employers about important safety measures. According to OSHA, one of the most common areas of neglect in demolition is the failure to determine what condition the structure is in prior to demolishing it.

One dead in North Carolina motorcycle accident

Motorcycles are a great economical way to travel. They save on fuel costs, can park in tight spaces, and can be fun to ride. Yet, the fact that these vehicles are small in size and offer less safety protections than other vehicles like cars and trucks renders them dangerous when their riders or other motorists do not use care. Unfortunately, all too often an inattentive driver's mistake will cause an accident that can leave a motorcyclist with serious injuries, or worse.

OSHA facing restraints in enforcement

Because of inflation, the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Health and Safety Administration has experienced a $25 million reduction in its budget's value in the past ten years. This is why many workplaces in North Carolina and nationwide have likely never seen an OSHA inspector on their premises. In fact, one advocate says that it would take at least a century for OSHA to inspect every facility under its purview.

Stopped vehicle causes 3-car accident on NC 540

A recent accident on a North Carolina highway has left an individual seriously injured. The wreck occurred on NC 540 when a BMW was apparently stopped in a center lane. The driver of another vehicle swerved to miss the BMW, but was unsuccessful. After striking the BMW, the second car bounced into the path of a truck pulling a boat. The truck slammed into the driver's side door of the second vehicle. The driver of the second vehicle was pulled from the wreckage and taken to the hospital with critical injuries. The other motorists and their passengers did not suffer major injuries. An investigation into the accident is ongoing.

Chemical explosion at GM factory kills 1, injures 8

North Carolina workers may be interested in a recent explosion at a General Motors Company metal-stamping plant in Indiana. The July 1 incident occurred at approximately 1:50 p.m. and left one worker dead and eight others injured, according to authorities.

Drowsy driving; the cause of too many car accidents

When North Carolina's motorists think of negligent driving, they may think of speeding, failing to yield, texting and driving, and drunk driving. While these are certainly dangerous things to do when behind the wheel, there is another type of driving that is putting many at risk: drowsy driving.

Federal court case underscores warrant limitations

The constitutional amendments commonly known as the Bill of Rights are products of American history, being added to the nation’s chief governing document over time to address specific issues of great social and political importance.

Do riskier jobs pay higher wages?

North Carolina residents may be under the impression that those who risk their well being at work get paid more to do so. However, a study of data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that jobs with a higher chance of fatal injury are not the highest paid positions.

Americans want to see crackdown on texting and driving

North Carolinians who are frustrated when they see others texting and driving certainly are not alone. In fact, a new poll conducted by the National Safety Council found that 73 percent of Americans want tougher enforcement of texting while driving laws. More than 50 percent of those surveyed would like to see a point system put in place that would cause texting and driving violators to lose their license or be subjected to increased car insurance rates.