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August 2014 Archives

Economist urges a rebalance of SSA trust funds for sustainability

There are predictions that the trust fund that pays for the Social Security Disability Insurance benefits program will run dry some time in 2016. This is widely understood to be fact and the concern is that millions of people who have been granted those funds and depend on them will suddenly face major cuts.

North Carolina construction site accident kills worker

A mid-morning construction accident that occurred on Aug. 26 claimed the life of a North Carolina construction worker. The project was to repave the Pine View Baptist church parking lot off of Highway 18 in Wilkes County. The 37-year-old worker who died was standing next to a milling machine when it overturned. This accident is believed to have happened when a wall beside the basement collapsed.

Vicarious liability and North Carolina truck accidents

North Carolinians are accustomed to seeing semi-trucks on their highways and interstates. The sheer sizes of these vehicles make them a threat to smaller cars, trucks, vans and motorcycles. Though those who are hurt in a truck accident may know that they have legal recourse, they may not be aware of the extent of their claim. Hopefully, this post will help shed some light on the subject.

Understanding construction injury issues

While North Carolina construction workers may be trained in safety protocol, the potential in this line of work for on-the-job accidents is still significant. An injury could occur on a work site of any size, making it important to understand how to proceed if something goes wrong. In case of an injury, an individual may need to focus on getting help right away, especially if the incident causes serious harm or the potential for death. Reports should be filed as promptly as possible as well.

Rural North Carolina labeled "killing grounds"

Drivers in North Carolina are well aware that accident can occur. During the weekday rush hour, heavy traffic could be the cause of a crash. While some drivers might consider major roadways as the culprit for these incidents, other roadways in the state might actually be ore dangerous to travel on.

Ice Bucket Challenge: Raising money and awareness for ALS

If someone asked you to dump a bucket of cold ice water over your head, would you do it? What if it was for a good cause, would you do it then? This is the question behind the Ice Bucket Challenge that has swept social media by storm.

Prejudging guilt: This online story is both sad and instructive

Singer/songwriter Conor Oberst, described in one national news article as an “indie-rock darling/millennial idol,” wants to be known for his professional creativity and the music he loves, not the rape he didn’t commit.

Information regarding workers' compensation

When a person in North Carolina is injured while working, he or she might face a number of financial difficulties. However, those losses might be partially offset workers' compensation benefits that a provided by an employer's insurance. Payouts under those insurance schemes can include reimbursement for certain expenses, including sick travel, and compensation for lost wages.

Coast Guard stresses boating safety after several drown

With warm weather still engulfing North Carolina, many continue to take their boats to the water. Though this can be a fun and relaxing getaway, it can also be dangerous. In fact, the Coast Guard is stressing boat safety as 40 individuals have drowned so far this summer from New Jersey to North Carolina's southern border.

Drunk driving in North Carolina: a strong state response

One thing is virtually certain regarding a drunk driving arrest in North Carolina, namely this: The motorist stopped who must subsequently deal with law enforcement procedures and the state's judicial system is likely to never forget the experience.

Accident at North Carolina mill kills worker

A 54-year-old man working at a lumber mill in Greenville died after a forklift accident on August 4. Company officials closed the mill after the accident, and it remained closed more than a day after the incident. According to the news source, the mill employs 184 people.

North Carolina soldier killed in pedestrian-car accident

Traffic laws exist not only to protect motorists, but to keep pedestrians safe as well. However, inattentive drivers and those who are not used to driving in high pedestrian traffic areas often fail to yield to pedestrians, which can result in devastating consequences for the victim.

North Carolina group weighs in on campus sexual assault cases

The University of North Carolina incorporates a large number of learning institutions across the state, including all of the state’s public campuses. A number of those schools are now closely focused upon a matter that has become a high-profile issue following a recent federal inquiry.

Court of Appeals rules against Wilmington man in DWI appeal

A Wilmington, North Carolina, man who was subjected to an unwarranted blood test after re-ending a truck in 2012 got back news earlier this month when the North Carolina Court of Appeals ruled that police were not required to obtain a warrant to take his blood alcohol test. In his case, the officer reportedly took the test against his consent because he was concerned about the dissipation of alcohol during the 20-minute drive to the county jail.

Agency publication sets the facts straight about SSDI benefits

Amidst various media allegations concerning the administration and beneficiaries of the Social Security disability insurance program, commentators and advocacy groups like the Center for American Progress have published responses documenting the valuable services that the SSDI program provides to deserving, disabled recipients. Notably, the Social Security Administration recently joined in that response with a publication entitled, “The Faces and Facts of Disability.”

Electrical workers now required to use safety gear while climbing

Electric utility companies in North Carolina and across the nation should be preparing to comply with a Occupational Safety and Health Administration directive governing how their workers can climb transmission towers. Those employers have until April 2015 to implement the necessary policy changes within their businesses.