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North Carolina construction site accident kills worker

A mid-morning construction accident that occurred on Aug. 26 claimed the life of a North Carolina construction worker. The project was to repave the Pine View Baptist church parking lot off of Highway 18 in Wilkes County. The 37-year-old worker who died was standing next to a milling machine when it overturned. This accident is believed to have happened when a wall beside the basement collapsed.

The worker operating the machine was pinned inside when it flipped over. He was not seriously injured. A crane was needed to turn the machine upright. According to a witness, the project was going fine and the accident happened without warning. The operator of the machine was backing up, and the wall gave way, flipping the machine. Although he was still at the scene hours after the incident, the operator was too upset to speak to reporters.

Any kind of construction work can put a worker in jeopardy with a ladder fall, a scaffolding accident or crane accident as daily possibilities. Experienced construction workers have inevitably had numerous 'near misses" or have seen others injured. If there are serious injuries, then there could be massive medical costs and trouble getting back on the job. A protection in place for construction injuries is workers' compensation.

If an employee is killed while on the job, workers' compensation may include death benefits for any family that they left behind. Death benefits may include the costs of any burial expenses as well as income that would have been earned by the worker had they lived.

Source: WXII12, "Man dead in construction accident at Wilkes County church ", August 26, 2014

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