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North Carolina soldier killed in pedestrian-car accident

Traffic laws exist not only to protect motorists, but to keep pedestrians safe as well. However, inattentive drivers and those who are not used to driving in high pedestrian traffic areas often fail to yield to pedestrians, which can result in devastating consequences for the victim.

Unfortunately, one of these car accidents happened recently and left an Army soldier dead. The 23-year-old man, who was stationed at Fort Bragg, was struck when he tried to cross the street. Fayetteville police have yet to file any charges against the driver. Though the exact cause of the accident is unknown at this time, there remains the possibility that the driver was negligent while behind the wheel.

This is the type of situation with which an experienced North Carolina attorney can help. He or she can help a victim file a personal injury lawsuit, or a wrongful death lawsuit in the event of death, and will fight to get to the truth of the matter. Witnesses, including experts, may be questioned, evidence gathered, and persuasive legal arguments put forth in an attempt to win the case, which has two primary effects.

The first effect is the recovery of compensation for a victim or his or her surviving family. This money can be life-saving at a time when medical expenses, lost wages, and, in the worst cases, funeral costs, become overwhelming. Recovering compensation allows a victim or his or her family to better manage undeserved debt and perhaps find the financial security they deserve.

The second effect of a successful lawsuit is deterring future negligent acts on behalf of not only the defendant, but on general public's part as well. By hitting negligent driver's where it hurts (their wallets), they are likely to be more attentive on the road in the future. A lawsuit also raises awareness of the dangers of inattentive, drunk, and otherwise negligent driving, perhaps motivating other motorists to put safety at the top of their priority list while driving.

Source: News & Record, "Fort Bragg soldier dies in pedestrian accident," July 29, 2014

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