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Rural North Carolina labeled "killing grounds"

Drivers in North Carolina are well aware that accident can occur. During the weekday rush hour, heavy traffic could be the cause of a crash. While some drivers might consider major roadways as the culprit for these incidents, other roadways in the state might actually be ore dangerous to travel on.

According to a recent report by AAA Carolinas, the state's rural areas are labeled "killing grounds," due to more than 1,000 individuals being killed in automobile accidents last year. That averages to about three deaths each day. North Carolina ranked third in non-interstate rural car accident fatalities in 2012 with more than 800 individuals killed. Only Texas and California saw more traffic fatalities.

Sadly, fatal pedestrian accidents are also increasing in North Carolina. In fact, one out of every six car accident-related deaths involves a pedestrian. The report also ranked the top five North Carolina counties where one would most likely be in a traffic accident, and New Hanover ranked second behind Pitt.

These statistics could be startling, but they are unfortunately not new. North Carolinians have seen their fair share of accidents, and far too many of them wind up with a serious personal injury. When this happens, they might be left with physical injuries, mental pain, suffering and financial strain as a result of lost wages and medical expenses. In these instances, it may be best for a car accident victim to take legal action in an attempt to both recover compensation for his or her damages and to put a stop to negligent driving.

The legal process may seem daunting, but gaining assistance could help a victim throughout the process. Together, they can assess the situation, determine if filing a claim is appropriate, then, if so, work together to put forth as solid a case as possible. Such actions could lead to compensatory recovery and raised awareness, deterring other North Carolina motorists from driving in a dangerous manner.

Source: WUNC, "Where In NC Are You Most Likely To Be In A Car Accident?" Aug. 15, 2014

Source: WUNC, "Where In NC Are You Most Likely To Be In A Car Accident?" Aug. 15, 2014

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