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The criminal justice system: a central role for defense counsel

There are many actors -- that is, central participants -- in the criminal justice system.

Obviously, of course, there is a defendant who has been charged with a crime. One or more police officers, and perhaps an investigate team, played a role in making an arrest of that individual. Prosecutors acting on behalf of the government take the role of formal accuser in court, trying their case before a judge.

And then there is the defense attorney, a role that is played with pride and vigor by specially trained and vetted advocates across the country.

Our law firm, Christina Rivenbark & Associates, is a North Carolina firm based in Wilmington that provides knowledgeable and aggressive defense representation to individuals in the state who are facing criminal charges.

We take that role seriously. In fact, we are impassioned about it, driven to excel by our central task of ensuring a level playing field and fundamental fairness in the criminal justice realm.

Persons charged with crimes are in a daunting situation, squared off against government authorities commanding seemingly limitless resources. Without focused and aggressive advocacy that tells their story and actively promotes their best interests at every step of the criminal process, the outcome they face can be exceedingly dire.

Law does not provide for guarantees in outcome, of course, but having a staunch and experienced criminal defense attorney on board in any criminal matter -- whether it be a misdemeanor or felony crime charge -- can help ensure that a defendant’s case is presented in the best light and that mitigation is fully pursued.

That is our goal in every case we take. Our Wilmington, North Carolina, Criminal Defense page provides online information about our firm and its strong client advocacy. We welcome your visit.

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