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What should I do if I'm injured at work in North Carolina?

Employees in North Carolina may benefit from learning more about the appropriate actions to take if an accident occurs in the workplace. The first actions employees should take include treating the injury and reporting the incident to the employer. If there is no health care provider available on the premises, employers may direct employees to a designated health care facility.

If the employer does not have a designated provider on-site or off-site, employees are advised to seek medical attention appropriate for the severity of their injuries. Injured employees should inform medical staff that the incident occurred at work so the health care services provided are billed as a workers' compensation claim.

After receiving treatment, employees are advised to meet with a supervisor or manager to report the incident. If an injured worked is unable to report the accident in person, a health care provider, friend or family member should contact the employer about it. Within 30 days, employees or their family members should provide a written account of the events that led to the workplace injury. In order to return to work as soon as possible per the goal of the state's system for workers' compensation, injured workers should adhere to the instructions provided by their doctors.

Employees injured at the workplace may benefit from consulting legal counsel for assistance with filing a claim with an employer. Lawyers may be able to investigate the incident and determine if a third party should be held liable as well. Legal counsel could also help someone injured at work with filing an appeal if their claim is denied.

Source: North Carolina Industrial Commission, " If You Have Been Injured At Work", September 11, 2014

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