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With domestic violence, too, fairness must precede outcomes

Some family altercations result unquestionably in domestic violence being unleashed in a home, accompanied with the tragic consequences that often stem from abusive behavior. Abuse can be visited upon a victim in myriad ways, from acts of physical violence to verbal threats and other behaviors. Additionally, "victim" can be defined in plural terms, given that domestic explosions can often encompass a wide spectrum of family members.

In such instances, necessary calls are often made, either by victims themselves or by third parties who are acutely aware of the stark dissonance operative in a family home. Police officers are dispatched to the scene to investigate and, based on their findings, subsequent enforcement action might be taken against an alleged assailant.

Some cases seem clear cut on their face, with criminal charges being brought.

What happens, though, if a caller and alleged victim subsequently recants and wants to withdraw charges?

In such a case, the result in North Carolina might still be the arrest of a person and the filing of criminal charges. A protective order might be issued requiring an arrested party to move out of his -- most often "his," but sometimes "her," as well -- home and to avoid contact with family members.

We note on our website that, while high numbers of domestic abuse allegations are absolutely true, "others may be an attempt to affect the outcome of a pending divorce or child custody case."

That is sad, but true, with such a reality strongly mandating the ready availability of proven and aggressive legal counsel to act on behalf of a falsely accused party.

Our law firm provides that service, believing that the rights of both those who levy violence accusation and those who seek to defend against them need to be legally safeguarded.

For information about Christina Rivenbark & Associates, please visit our Wilmington, North Carolina, Domestic Violence Lawyer page.

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