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A sober ride home could save you from DUI penalties on Halloween

With Halloween only two days away, a lot of news reports are focused on how to keep your kids safe. These include warnings about making sure that costumes don’t hinder movement or ability to see, double checking candy for kids with food allergies or making sure that the children are well lit to help avoid a situation in which they could be struck by an automobile.

Safety groups are focused on one major cause of these auto-pedestrian accidents: drunk driving. The statistics are real; the National Highway Safety Administration data shows that fatal accidents involving drunk driving increase from 30 to 50 percent each year on Oct. 31. The truth is that every single driver who has a drink and gets behind the wheel isn’t going to cause a fatal collision, but there are still other serious consequences to consider…

Like being pulled over by a Wilmington patrol officer.

Halloween is not just for kids. Those who are going to drink at a friend's house or a local establishment should try to avoid driving home. It is the only way to absolutely avoid being charged with DWI. 

A DWI mistake can lead to very serious penalties, both legal and nonlegal. You could lose your driving privileges, be required to pay expensive fines, jail time, vehicle forfeiture, increased insurance rates, impact on employment and more. 

Drivers should know that DWI offenses are severely prosecuted in North Carolina. Should you be arrested this Halloween, remember your right to an attorney. It is an important one.

Source: USA TODAY, "Scary stuff: Halloween hazards are not just for kids," Kim Painter, Oct. 26, 2014

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