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Facing an SSDI denial? Attorney's help may improve the outcome

It is a fact that the Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Insurance systems are in place to help those who are in need. So a common question that follows is, why would anyone need the help of an attorney to get those benefits?

The most common answer to the question is because history shows that having an experienced advocate at your side improves the odds that, if your claim is truly legitimate, it will eventually be approved. 

As readers in the Wilmington area may well know, claims for SSDI benefits are rejected on the first application at a rate of about 3-1. That is, only about a quarter of first-time applications are approved, leaving 75 percent of applicants facing what can be a long and sometimes arduous appeals process. 

For many, the hurdles of a denial appeal can be daunting. Many give up the effort to soon. Too often, the first to flag are those who need the help the most. And in such cases, having an attorney standing at your side can wind up being the critical piece of the puzzle.

The specific benefits an experienced attorney can provide can include serving as the knowledge bank and compiler of the detailed medical evidence that the Social Security Administration demands in your case. Very often it is a shortcoming in this area that triggered a denial in the first place.

Once the proper documentation is in place, the experienced attorney can develop a compelling narrative -- a persuasive argument supported by solid medical evidence that administrators insist upon.

If cost is your concern, be assured that our firm earns no fee unless you receive benefits. Meanwhile, we stand ready to provide a free initial consultation to see how we can help you get through what is making life difficult. 

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