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November 2014 Archives

Taking a closer look at the Social Security disability backlog

The process of meeting the Social Security Administration’s definition of legal disability is not easy, especially for certain hard-to-prove medical or physical conditions. Although a doctor may agree that an individual is no longer able to work, the SSA requires documentation and other evidence to satisfy its own guidelines. In some cases, an applicant for Social Security disability insurance benefits may simply need to supplement his or her application.

Man struck by SUV while working on garbage truck

A 59-year-old man in North Carolina was injured while working on Nov. 19. The sanitation worker was hit by an SUV on Darwick Road at approximately 10:30 a.m. Afterwards, the man was taken to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center where he was listed in serious but stable condition.

What is aggressive driving and how can it harm me?

Aggressive driving occurs when an individual operates a motor vehicle in an illegal manner such as speeding, failing to signal before changing lanes, and inappropriate passing. This type of driving differs from road rage in that road rage typically involves assault of some sort and is considered a criminal offense. Though different, aggressive driving can be just as dangerous as road rage, especially since many aggressive drivers fail to take into account how their action place others in danger.

Text phishing scam brings spotlight to disability procedures

The Social Security Administration recently released a public advisory, warning of a text phishing scheme. According to the release, targets might receive a text message on their smartphones, titled as a “disability alert.” The message instructs recipients to call a certain telephone number to hear important information about their Social Security disability benefits application.

Worker killed in North Carolina community college bridge collapse

A 42-year-old man is dead following the collapse of a pedestrian bridge under construction at Wake Technical Community College in Raleigh on Nov. 13. Four other workers were seriously injured in the accident.

Understanding dram shop laws in North Carolina

North Carolinians who have been injured in a drunk driving accident know how hard the recovery process can be. In additional to perhaps losing their physical abilities, these individuals may incur extensive pain and suffering and financial losses in the form of medical expenses and lost wages. Though these victims can file a lawsuit against the negligent driver who hit them, it may be hard to recover all the compensation to which they are entitled. However, dram shop laws may help a drunk driving accident victim extend liability to a third party and thus increase their chances of recovering full compensation.

Fatal motorcycle accident? We can help.

Last week on the blog we discussed a recent motorcycle accident that tragically left one individual dead. Sadly, all too often these types of accidents occur, leaving family members unsure of where to turn for help. It can be especially difficult for them to even consider help when they find themselves enmeshed in grief. Fortunately, though, these families who have lost a loved one can find relief for some of their losses, and we at Christina Rivenbark & Associates can assist with the process.

GAO report challenges lawful approach to disability benefits

Disability benefit programs from different federal and state agencies may have separate qualifying requirements. For example, disabled service members may receive payments from the Veterans Administration for their disabilities, as well as VA retirement pay for their years of service.

Let our law firm fight for your workers' comp rights

Fighting for the rights of North Carolina workers, we have the experience, knowledge and skill that it takes to help a client recover the maximum amount possible from a workers' compensation claim. Because our lawyers have a thorough understanding of the laws surrounding premises liability, product liability and personal injury, we have effectively handled a wide variety of personal injury cases.

Federal criminal sentencing reform forges steadily ahead

The so-called War on Drugs that has been the centerpiece of American policy at both the federal and state level for decades has been called many things, with negative comments dominating in recent years and reaching a veritable crescendo recently.

How can I help someone on SSI manage their money?

Supplemental Security Income is support from the government for individuals who have restricted income and limited resources. It's available for individuals 65 and older who are in need. It is also a source of much needed support for anyone who may be blind or disabled, including children.

North Carolina motorcycle accident leaves 1 dead

Though North Carolina's weather may be cooling slightly, many are still holding on to the last remnants of warmth. This means that motorcyclists continue to take to the streets to travel to work or school, or just to unwind after a difficult day or week at work. In any case, it has become a sad reality that those who ride a motorcycle are often at risk of being involved in a serious accident, by no fault of their own.

Workers in New Hanover try to avoid lower back injuries

Employees suffer back injuries at a higher rate than almost any other workplace injury, in New York and elsewhere. Nationally, worker's compensation funds pay out $11 billion annually for back injury claims. The average claim is $8300, more than twice the average claim for all other types of workplace injuries. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health identified the following risk factors as the most frequent job related duties causing lower back injuries: job activities that require lifting and forceful movements and jobs that create whole body vibration. Other risk factors were heavy physical work in general and anything requiring an awkward posture.