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What is aggressive driving and how can it harm me?

Aggressive driving occurs when an individual operates a motor vehicle in an illegal manner such as speeding, failing to signal before changing lanes, and inappropriate passing. This type of driving differs from road rage in that road rage typically involves assault of some sort and is considered a criminal offense. Though different, aggressive driving can be just as dangerous as road rage, especially since many aggressive drivers fail to take into account how their action place others in danger.

When a motorist acts with reckless disregard for others' safety, a serious car wreck can occur. Such a car crash can leave you with serious injuries. You may be left with physical impairment, disfigurement, and/or permanent disability. An accident caused by a reckless driver can even be fatal.

As if the physical injuries are not enough, you and your family could also experience significant emotional and financial loss. If you are harmed in an aggressive driving accident, then you may find it difficult to climb behind the wheel again and you might suffer emotional turmoil if you are unable to live your normal life due to your injuries. Financially speaking, medical expenses and lost wages can leave you and your family in financial distress, unable to pay your bills and maintain your lifestyle. All of this stress can take a toll and leave you angry, depressed, and not knowing where to turn.

The good news is that experienced North Carolina attorneys are available to help. By holding a reckless driver liable, you may not only be able to recoup your financial losses, but you might be able to raise awareness of the dangers of aggressive driving, thus helping put a stop to it and thereby protecting other motorists.

Source: NHTSA, "Aggressive Driving Fact-Tip Sheet with Talking Points," accessed on Nov. 23, 2014

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