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The perils of truck accidents

The trucking industry pumps billions of dollars into our economy. Though a vital organ of the American body, trucks also pose a significant threat to other motorists. Their massive size can be devastating in a truck accident, causing property damage, serious injuries, and even death. The frequency of these wrecks can be staggering, and can be increased when truckers are fatigued, impaired, or otherwise reckless or negligent.

It is estimated that about nine percent of all traffic fatalities are attributable to truck accidents. While this number may seem small, that equates to nearly 4,000 people killed each year by semi-trucks. It has been said that one person is killed in a truck-related crash every 16 minutes. Many more individuals are injured in these wrecks. Though in some instances the crash may be caused by a non-trucking motorist, there are other times when the trucker is at fault.

Those who are involved in a truck accident often find themselves subjected to significant loss that can take many forms. An accident victim may be left physically disabled, financially crippled, and emotionally devastated. A victim may be unable to enjoy his or her normal life and may be left struggling to make ends meet. This is unfair and unacceptable when a victim was not at fault, and he or she should therefore be made as whole as possible.

Fortunately, an experienced North Carolina accident attorney can help with this process. By utilizing the law and the best legal strategies for the case, an aggressive lawyer can help a victim make a claim for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. If successful, the victim may recover much needed compensation which might allow him or her to not only receive the assistance and stability he or she needs, but also comfort knowing that errant truck drivers and their employers have been punished for their wrongdoing.

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