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What is whiplash?

A car accident can cause numerous injuries with various extends of harm. Some scrapes and bruises are relatively minor, while others, like head and neck injuries, can be life-altering. Though all injuries should be adequately cared for and a negligent driver should pay for all the harm he or she causes, it is important for North Carolinians to become familiar with some types of accident injuries so that they can properly identify them and acquire medical care in a timely fashion.

Perhaps one of the most common car crash injuries is whiplash. Whiplash occurs when the neck is stretched, causing tearing in the neck's tendons and muscles. In an auto accident, this can result when a vehicle is struck, causing the driver or a passengers head to snap backwards and forwards. Symptoms of whiplash may include pain in the neck, neck stiffness, headaches, and a decrease in the sufferer's range of motion. Though some instances of whiplash present symptoms immediately, other times it may take days before symptoms present themselves.

The time needed to recover from a whiplash injury varies depending on severity. Sometimes the muscles and tendons can be healed in a matter of days, but other times require weeks. The pain may be difficult to cope with, and a victim may need to incur medical expenses to obtain the medical care he or she needs.

Therefore, those who are injured in an auto accident should consider their legal options. A successful lawsuit may bring an accident victim compensation with which he or she can pay medical bills and find the peace of mind needed to regain his or her health. By speaking with an experienced North Carolina attorney, an accident victim may be able to determine whether or not filing a legal claim is in his or her best interest.

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