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February 2015 Archives

How is work history calculated for SSDI eligibility?

Disability from an unexpected illness or accident could be a real possibility for many readers. According to recent data, almost 11 million Americans receive Social Security disability insurance benefits. The total includes recipients who may be the disabled worker and/or the worker’s spouse and children.

We proudly serve traumatic brain injury sufferers

Readers of this blog may remember last week's post in which we discussed traumatic brain injuries. Unfortunately, many car accident victims suffer these types of injuries, and the recovery process can be long and hard, if possible at all. Many traumatic brain injury sufferers are forced to live their life with disability, never again partaking in the activities that they once loved.

Importance of respiratory protection around hydrogen sulfide

Many North Carolina workers work in environments in which they may be exposed to hydrogen sulfide gas. H2S is extremely dangerous to workers, and as such, it mandates that workers utilize the proper protection around it at all times.

North Carolina insurers can be flatly inhospitable to some drivers

We have stressed to North Carolina readers of our blog in past select posts that it can be a sound idea for any motorist in the state to secure knowledgeable and aggressive legal counsel without delay after an arrest for drunk driving or for certain other traffic-related citations.

How is traumatic brain injury caused and how severe can it be?

Readers of this blog know that a car accident can result in a variety of injuries. Some of these injuries are relatively minor, such as bumps or bruises, while others are more serious, like broken bones. Yet others, though, are devastating and life-altering. These catastrophic injuries can leave a victim unable to function as he or she once did, and life moving forward can be complicated and costly.

Work environment can contribute to employee hearing loss

Residents of North Carolina may benefit from awareness of work-related hearing loss if they or someone they know are employed in the manufacturing industry. A large part of the workforce is made up of this job sector, and loss of hearing is a common issue reported by a large number of employees. Realizing this and taking preventative measures as soon as possible can prove valuable in maintaining hearing and overall quality of life.

Understanding vibration injuries at the workplace

Employees in North Carolina might be interested in understanding more about how vibrations at the workplace can cause significant injuries. Exposure over time may lead to injuries that are associated with the hands and arms or an adverse effect on the entire body. Over-exposure to vibrations inflicted on the hands may result in injuries related to carpal tunnel syndrome, or declining performance with grip, dexterity or feelings in the fingers. Whole-body vibrations typically result in a significant degree of lower back pain.

Woman dies in fatal North Carolina motorcycle accident

Riding a motorcycle can be a great way to relax and unwind after a hard day's work or on the weekend, and it can also provide a cost-effective mode of transportation. However, despite its benefits, riding a motorcycle can be dangerous, particularly since they do not have the safety features found in cars, trucks, and SUVs. However, this does not mean that motorcyclists are afforded any less care while on the road. In fact, a motorcyclist can operate his or her bike in a completely safe fashion. Unfortunately, though, negligent and inattentive drivers can increase the dangers of riding a motorcycle and can cause a tragic accident.

Can a dog sniff your car pursuant to a lawful traffic stop?

If you're a North Carolina resident who has been pulled over by a police officer who says that you've committed a traffic-related infraction, you're probably a bit frazzled just from the unanticipated law-enforcement encounter and potential consequences.

Why you shouldn't apply online for disability benefits

So you were diagnosed as disabled by a doctor and want to know if you might qualify for disability benefits? The Social Security Administration’s website advises individuals to apply for Social Security disability benefits at the earliest onset of disability.

How do I prove intoxication after a drunk driving accident?

Far more often than we care to think, North Carolinians climb behind the wheel of their vehicle while intoxicated. These negligent drivers can cause a devastating crash by swerving into oncoming traffic, running a stop sign or traffic light, speeding, or failing to yield. No one is safe when they are close to these motorists. Other drivers and pedestrians are at risk of being hit and could suffer extensive harm as a result, including long-term injuries, permanent disability, and even death.

Safety and workers' compensation for at-home workers

North Carolina employees are likely aware that they can apply for workers' compensation if they are injured while on the job, but if they work from home, they may wonder what their rights are. In the past, courts have ruled that workers injured while working from home are eligible for workers' compensation just as if they were injured while on the workplace premises.