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North Carolina insurers can be flatly inhospitable to some drivers

We have stressed to North Carolina readers of our blog in past select posts that it can be a sound idea for any motorist in the state to secure knowledgeable and aggressive legal counsel without delay after an arrest for drunk driving or for certain other traffic-related citations.

Data recently released that highlight the direct link between traffic violations and hiked insurance rates underscore the reason for doing so.

Here's why: Your premiums can soar following some infractions -- especially a drunk driving conviction -- and stay at prohibitively lofty levels for years after you have been cited for a moving violation., an insurance research site, reveals in a just-released report how rates can sail north -- and stay there -- after specific violations. Moreover, the stringency of a penalty is heavily state-based, meaning that the outcome can be highly varied depending on the jurisdiction where a citation is issued.

A few words on that, namely these: If you end up being stopped and arrested for drunk driving, you'll be particularly dismayed if your interaction with police occurred inside North Carolina. According to InsuanceQuotes, the Tar Heel state is the least hospitable state in the country when it comes to dealing with drunk drivers. Fines and other exactions are heavy, and rates reportedly jump on average following a DUI/DWI conviction by more than 337 percent.

That is an unqualified ouch, as are data revealing that persons receiving citations for speeding and reckless driving in North Carolina will also see their insurance rates hiked by percentages that comprise the upper end of premium spikes for states across the country.

The bottom line is that North Carolina authorities and insurers routinely respond harshly to many traffic offenses. An affected motorist might reasonably want to consult with a proven attorney in an effort to mitigate the adverse results of a traffic citation.

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