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Work environment can contribute to employee hearing loss

Residents of North Carolina may benefit from awareness of work-related hearing loss if they or someone they know are employed in the manufacturing industry. A large part of the workforce is made up of this job sector, and loss of hearing is a common issue reported by a large number of employees. Realizing this and taking preventative measures as soon as possible can prove valuable in maintaining hearing and overall quality of life.

Hearing loss occurs steadily over time, and may even go unnoticed until a person has reached the later stage. The probability of hearing loss occurring on the job is most likely to happen within the first decade of being employed at the job site. Work performance near loud machinery, regular use of noisy equipment, and inadequate protective gear can contribute to a worker's hearing loss.

When documenting reports of work-related hearing loss, OSHA requires that the loss of hearing has to be undoubtedly caused by the work environment, and the diminished capacity to hear has to be severely debilitating to the worker. With this in mind, OSHA records indicate that 72 percent of manufacturing employees have reported hearing loss directly related to their jobs.

An employee of the manufacturing industry, or any industry that may have contributed to a worker's hearing loss, may benefit from speaking to an attorney. Workers' compensation is meant to provide compensatory relief for employees that have suffered from an impairment while on the job, and an attorney can provide legal advice and helpful information as to how an employee can take full advantage of workers compensation benefits.

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